Lé Struggle!

This week. The struggle!! 😫 If it’s not one thing, it’s another. It’s really not that bad over here, there’s just this one situation that I feel stuck in. Absolutely stuck!! (Prayerfully, I’ll be able to expand on that in a future post…but not today lol) Anyway…feeling stuck has placed me at the feet the Jesus like…”what is next? How can I get out of this? SAVE ME LORD, PLEASE!” Like…nothing is getting better in this situation. It’s laughable at this point lol Andddd…I got my answer. Not an exciting answer. But I got it, and I shall be obedient. But I digress.

Anyway…one of the things I have been reminded of, on more than one occasion, is that the struggle has purpose. What I’m dealing with isn’t for nothing. I’m currently reading a book called The Power of God’s Names by Tony Evans ( I highly recommend it btw!) but in it he shares a story:

“The story is told of a young boy who discovered a cocoon in a backyard tree. He studied the cocoon carefully, looking for some sign of life. At last, several days later, the boy saw what he had been waiting for. Inside the filmy shell, a newly formed butterfly was struggling to get out.

Filled with compassion for the tiny creature, the boy used his pocket-knife to enlarge the hole. Exhausted, the butterfly tumbled out and lay there. But the boy didn’t realize that the struggle to escape was designed to strengthen the butterfly’s muscles and prepare it for flight. With an act of compassion, the boy had inadvertently crippled and ultimately doomed the butterfly.”

Excerpt From

The Power of God’s Names

Tony Evans

This story HERE!!!! It has opened my eyes more and more. So often I just want to get to my destination, my dream, my desire. I want to by pass the process, the wilderness…the struggle. But God has told me to embrace this time. Learn during this struggle. Be patient. Depend on Him. Allow him to mold me during the oppositions. Because I don’t want to get to my dreams and my desires and not be able to handle them. I don’t want to forfeit anything God has for me. So during this time, I’m learning to submit and depend on God. I know He’s in control and in due time…I’ll graduate from this struggle and so will you! There’s purpose in our struggles! 😊

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