This Won’t Last Forever !

With my second liver anniversary coming up, I’ve been reflecting quite a bit (as usual). A lot has happened these last two years that had me looking at God like 😒. lol it always seemed like there was something going wrong. And honestly, I’ve looked at these last two years as some of the most difficult years of my life.

But now….I can see that God had a plan. He was intentional about everything that happened. He was intentional about who could stay and who had to go. He was doing a work!! He was growing my faith. He was allowing our relationship to flourish. There were a lot of dark days where I didn’t want to do ANYTHING and I’d blame God for a lot of the negativity going on around me. But…that was just the devil deceiving me. THE ONLY WAY I GOT THROUGH THESE TWO YEARS IS BECAUSE OF GOD! He never left my side even when I felt like He did. He didn’t forsake me! I never lacked anything. He was truly the lifter of my head. He was my rock. But at the time, it sure didn’t feel like that.

I said all of that to say…you may be going through a tough time right now. You may not know which way is up. Everything seems to be closing in on you. You may be surrounded by darkness. But there is someone there with you who loves you enough to die for you. His word is true. No matter what you feel right now…it won’t last forever. It hurts, I know. It doesn’t make sense, I know. But, you’ll be able to look back at this and see how God was holding your hand and making your paths straight. Keep pressing forward. Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. He’s doing a new thing even now! I pray that you’re strengthened during this time and that God opens your eyes so you can see His hand in your life even now! 💚

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