How Many Times?

Recently, God showed me that my life has been going in the same cycle for years now. 🗣 YEARS!! I was like, “God, why on Earth do I keep experiencing the same things over and over? Something has to give!”. And in return, in the loving way God does, He told me, “Things keep repeating because you keep staying the same.” And that was a punch in the gut for me. A punch in the gut. You know they say insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. Well, ya girl has been living in a state of insanity! I’ll admit, I’m not ashamed anymore lol

I may be alone in all of this. And if so, that’s cool, it’s my blog 😬. But to hear that I haven’t changed in particular areas hurt, but it also made me excited because it means that there is growth waiting for me! During my fasting time, God had me study more about what His word says about me. We have such an inheritance in God! We’re new, bold, loved and so much more when we accept Jesus into our lives. God showed me that I knew of these things, but I haven’t really accepted it. I haven’t adopted who He says I am and let go of who I think I’m supposed to be. Therefore, old me kept doing the same ol things!!

This year, our theme at church is “Launch into the Deep”. We’re leaving the shallow end and going into the unknown. We’re following God and trusting Him as we go deeper in Him. Leaving the shallows means letting go of what we’re comfortable with and what we’re used to. We’re exchanging the familiar for the unknown and trusting that this exchange is greater than what we could ever have imagined. For me, that means letting go of negative mindsets, fear of what people think, and control of my life. I’ve been freed from Egypt and I can’t keep walking around with my Egyptian mentality. If I take that into my promised land, I’ll fail. So this is my ode to do better! To stop repeating the same things I’ve done in 2016, 2017 and 2018. I’m going to let go of what I think I want and accept what God says I need. I’m walking by faith and I’m pretty excited about what lies ahead! I’ll keep you all updated on this journey… I believe this year is going to be one to remember!! This year, let’s be done making the same mistakes and blaming others. Let’s take responsibility for our actions are grow from them. “No losses, only lessons!” Let’s grow!!


Father God, thank you for being the mighty God you are! Thank you for your love and all you’ve revealed to us. Lord, help us to follow you into the deep. Help us to let go of our old ways and old selves, so we can be who you’ve destined us to be. Remove everything old in our lives that is taking up room for the new you want to give us. Have your way!! Thank you for faithful and for already moving in our lives. We love you. In Jesus name, amen. 💕

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