Leap of Faith

I wasn’t happy. I prayed about it. Then, I did it. I quit my job. I left without even having another job secured. I toiled back and forth with this decision. It wasn’t easy. It didn’t make any sense AT ALL. But, I did it.

For those who know me, you’ve heard me complain about my old job. I hated it with a passion. It wasn’t terrible, but it was toxic. The environment was draining and extremely stressful. The money was good, so I dealt with it. But, I got to a point where I realized, money does not equal happiness, because ya girl was not happy! I was miserable 40 hours a week. What people don’t know is, God told me my work life wasn’t going to get better. He told me that about a year or so ago. He said I couldn’t get comfortable there. And let me tell you…work never got better after that. It got worse, fast.

Let me also say, I felt led to quit. I felt like God had better. I didn’t know what that was, but I felt like He was waiting on me to take that leap. Most of the people around me told me not to do it. I had 2, maybe 3 people who supported my decision. Everyone else told me to wait to quit. To wait until I had another job. Which is logical, that makes sense. But, sometimes God moves don’t make sense. We walk by faith, not by sight, right? I allowed the opinions of others to cause me to question what I heard from God. When God showed me that, I knew what I had to do. Was I scared? HECK YEA! I hated my job, but it was comfortable. It was all I knew. But I felt God pulling me. So…I quit. ✌🏾

I had two jobs interested in me. I was doing interview after interview. Then, one job that I really wanted rejected me. Then I started questioning every decision I made. I think I was close to a mental breakdown at least once a day lol. I was like “Lord, what am I supposed to do with my life?!” Then I heard God say, “Trust me!” So…I just carried on. A few days after that rejection, I got a phone call from my new employer offering me a job! *inserts praise break* This job meets all of my needs! The best part about it is…they found me. I didn’t apply for them, they reached out to me first to see if I was interested in applying. While I was worried about finding a job, God had them find me!

I said all of that to say, when God says move, 🗣 MOVE! Don’t let logic and people stop you. God knows all of your days, if He is telling you to move, there must be a reason. It is going to be scary and I don’t think you’ll ever feel 100% sure, but that’s where faith comes in. Also, don’t expect things to work out right away. This faith walking has to be worked out daily. I’m still looking like this 🤔🥴 currently. I’m still waiting for ends to be met. I’m still yet struggling. But, I’m trusting God. So, trust God to catch you when you jump. Don’t let fear and comfort keep you stuck where you are. There’s greater on the other side of your fear. Leap and trust God! ♥️ #talkswithtasha

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